Sunday, April 22, 2012

Super Sunday #4

Justin is gone.  He doesn't live in Hawaii anymore.  Apparently he was fired from (or quit) the job that brought him to the island and now he's back at home in Illinois.
I was hoping to get to know him better and I'm gonna miss him.

Justin is not the only one that I'm gonna miss.  My older brother is leaving for another one of the Hawaiian islands and will be there for a month.

I wonder who I'll miss more...


Jay M. said...

Ah, but your brother will be coming back. It's a shame Justin left just as you were getting to know him a bit. But that's life - especially in the working world where it seems things change with amazing speed these days. Which one will you miss? Hmmmm....that's an interesting question in and of itself!

Peace <3

K.C. said...

I think you'll miss them both just as much. It's the matter of who will return the soonest that will determine who you will miss "less". ;)

naturgesetz said...

Maybe Justin will stay in touch.

^travis said...

I'd bet you will miss Justin more.

Hey, Justy! I have presented you with the Versatile Blogger Award Congratulations!!!

becca said...

sorry to hear that hugs