Monday, May 28, 2012

A Letter to My Sister-in-Law

My sister-in-law is back in Hawaii.  She moved back to Hawaii a couple months ago.

She had been feeling lonely recently because my older brother was away on another one of the Hawaiian islands for army duty.  As a result, she nagged me into sleeping over at their place to keep her company.  I wasn't in the mood for sleepovers, but caved in eventually.  This piece is about something that happened during the sleepover a couple days ago.

My sister-in-law

Dear sister-in-law,

I wasn't in a good mood when I first arrived at your place.  My phone had broken and I needed to get a new one.  Even my laptop had to be repaired and I didn't have the money to take care of these problems.  To add to my frustrations, you weren't home when I first arrived.  I remember thinking, "She nagged me to come over and she's not even home!  That just doesn't make sense.  It was a mistake to come over." 

Don't worry, I was just being an old grump.

So I waited for you.  When you finally came home, you told me that you had fallen down earlier and had hurt your right knee.  You told me the whole story about how it happened.  You joked about it lightheartedly; however, I noticed how you were limping as you walked.  Each time you took a step with your right leg, I saw the look of pain on your face.

I was worried about you.

After a few hours we both decided to go to bed.  You slept on the bed and I slept comfortably on the floor.  Sleep took me under and I was happily dreaming when all the sudden...

You were howling out in pain.  It must have been about 3 o'clock in the morning.  I was feeling drowsy but most of all scared; I have never witnessed you in this much pain before.

"What's wrong?" I concernedly asked.
"It's my knee.  It's really hurting," you achingly groaned.
"Want me to ice it for you?" 
"Yes!  Please!"

I hurried to the kitchen and put some ice into a Ziploc bag.  Then I rushed back to your room and applied the ice to your knee and wrapped a blanket around your knee to keep the ice in place.  Then you asked if you could smoke. 

"Will it make you feel better?"  I immediately asked.
"Yes it will," you eagerly insisted.

Usually I dread the smell of the secondhand smoke.
Usually I would ask you to go somewhere else and smoke. 
This time, however, was different.

I thought about what would make you feel better at that moment and I knew what to do.

I grabbed the astray
Your cigarettes,
And a lighter
And handed them to you. 

Soon afterwards the secondhand smoke began to fill the room. 
Smoking was helping you calm down and relax.

"Justy," you whispered.
"Yes?" I curiously replied.
"You're the best nurse ever.  No one else would have done this for me."

Your comment made me smile. 

Contrary to what I felt about sleeping over when I initially arrived at your place, sleeping over was not mistake at all.  Helping out a loved one is never a mistake. 

Yours sincerely,

P.S.  I'm really glad your knee isn't hurting anymore.

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Jay M. said...

Very touching, Justy. She sounds like a wonderful person.

I can tell you from experience that it's tough to overcome the addiction of cigarettes. But if she ever could, it would help with all the rest.

I am not the least bit surprised that you are a good nurse. You've always struck me as being a caring, nurturing person.

Peace <3

naturgesetz said...

It's good that you were there for her.

Pat said...

You are a good person. You were there when she needed you. I'm sure, not only does your sister-in-law appreciate it, but also your brother.

MEcoy said...

ohh that was sweet
i used to live with my cousin too he's younger than me and i somehow took care of him giving some things he needs even cook for him whenever my aunt went out to work
he somehow been a best friend to me as well
its nice to hear your story i reminds me of my cousin so much

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Hugs my friend... U r a sweet soul...


thegayte-keeper said...

Nice that you was there for her and thanks for sharing this with us.


Justy, I found your blog by accident. You are a loving soul, and you give us a light, shining in our lives. Thanks.

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