Friday, February 24, 2012

My Dad's Chicken Farm

This happened around November of last year.  There were periods of time during the school semester where I would be kept busy.  Sometimes I would leave early in the morning for school before the sunrise and then come home late from school, after the sun had already set and when it was dark.  This happened at the end of one of those days...


I was tired. 
My youthful energy had been replaced with exhaustion and my spirit felt diminished.  It was yet another day of me coming home late from school and it was already dark outside.

Awe, that's too bad, I thought.  I really wanted to see how the chicken house was doing.  My dad had always loved farming, hiking, fishing and outdoor activites of that sort and his newest project had been to build a chicken house.

"Did you finish the chicken house?" I wearily asked my dad.

"Yeah, you should see it..." 

My dad proceeded to describe how great the chicken house had turned out and how much the chickens enjoyed their new living area.  I was glad to know that it had turned out well; after all, I had helped my dad build the chicken farm.  My dad must have known how much I wanted to see it, because he was playfully rubbing it in my face.

I was slightly annoyed and decided to do something around the house and get my mind off of the chicken house.


Fifteen minutes later...

"Here's a flashlight.  Go check it out."

My dad handed me the flashlight.  I was surprised by how thoughtful my dad was being.  I stood up and I proceeded to the backyard to go look at the chicken house. 

My dad... sometimes I find him annoying and sometimes I love him. 
At this moment, it was the latter.

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