Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our First Date

 This is about my first date with a guy that I really like.

The handsome gentleman offers to pick me up
And I gracefully accept
Nervousness shivers down my spine
And excitement pulses through my body

We drive to the beach
My dad's favorite beach
He is new to the island
And will surely enjoy the scenery

On a wall next to the sand and the sea
We sit side-by-side
The familiar surroundings put me at ease
As we talk for an hour or so

He has a great personality
And is easy to talk to
There is something special about him
And I feel lucky to be by his side

As the sun starts to set
And the sky begins to change colors
He offers me his hand
And our fingers entwine

Leaning into each other
Our lips connect
This is our first kiss
And certainly not the last

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Riding the Bus With My Younger Brother

This happened about a month ago.   It should have been a simple, uneventful bus ride, but as it turns out, this specific bus ride is not one that I can so easily forget.  This is what happened...


I was sitting on the city bus and waiting patiently for it to take me home.  It was supposed to be a short ride - ten minutes at the most - and barely memorable.  As fate would have it, this was not meant to be.

The bus slowed down to a halt and my younger brother boarded the bus.  He traveled toward the back of the bus to find an open seat and the bus began moving again.  Shortly afterwards, a guy sitting behind me initiated a very interesting conversation with the lady sitting adjacent to him.

"Did you know that he and him are brothers?" said the man. 

"Wow really?  I didn't know.  So they're both... umm... well... you know?" asked the lady with an innocent-sounding curiosity.

It was transparent that me and my younger brother was the main the topic of this conversation.  I listened closely. 

"Yeah I guess so," replied the man.

"Kind of makes you wonder what happened to them.  I mean, what made them turn out that way?"

I could have turned around and thrown a clever comment their way, but I didn't.  I sat quietly in my seat until the bus stopped near my house.  My brother and I hopped off the bus, and we walked silently side-by-side.

I was inwardly steaming and pondered whether or not to tell my younger brother about what had just transpired.  To say the least, it is far from pleasant to hear strangers talk about me and my younger brother as if we were mutants.  Although I have seen the man and lady regularly on the bus, in essence they are strangers to me.  When we finally arrived home, I told my younger brother about their interesting conversation.

"That's not very nice," he said.

And he was right.   It wasn't nice at all.


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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Super Saturday

Note:  I do not own this image
I saw a really cute white guy on the bus two days ago. He was young, around 20 years old. He looked a little like the guy in the pic above except that he wasn't shirtless lol.

I remember his smile the most...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

What Makes A Man (Chapter 3)

 What Makes A Man is an ongoing series about a young gay man and is based on personal real-life experiences.

What Makes A Man
What Makes A Man (Part 2)

Food was on his mind.

For this reason he was at the grocery store and waiting in line to pay for his lunch.  The young man's stomach was a bear and it was growling for food to satisfy its growing hunger.  He wished that the line would move faster.

Rumble.  His stomach was growling.

As the young man waited in line, his eyes and his mind wandered.

To his right there was a Caucasian man lifting up his little boy and placing him into the child seat of the grocery cart.  It was nothing particularly special and he didn't think much of it...

...until he saw an Asian man helping out.

Slowly he realized that the two men were together; that is to say, they were a couple.  He was sure of it.  They wore matching pink shirts and they were shopping together with their kid.

He had never witnessed a gay family out in public before.  He sees gay couples regularly in real life - in fact he would see two boys flirting shamelessly with each other that very same day - but not gay families.  For some reason, gay families are a rare sight to behold.

And what do you know?
It is a little funny how he had suddenly forgotten that he was hungry.

He was busy admiring their bravery, their courage.  Maybe someday he himself will have a husband and children.  Maybe.  It all feels impossible sometimes.  After all, it would take a lot of courage and faith to make those dreams come true and he just wasn't sure if he had it in him.  Finding his Prince Charming would be a huge accomplishment just by itself.

"Ready?" asked the cashier.

"Wha-... Oh.  Yes, I'm ready."

He paid for his food, took one last glance at the happy family, and left the grocery store. 


This happened on Thursday January 28, 2013.  I was on my way home from school and stopped by the grocery store to grab something to eat.

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