Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Toilet and the Handsome Man

This happened at Huntington Beach on my trip to California two summers ago.

 I began writing this blog post half a year ago.  However I didn't know exactly why I would want to share this story with the world, so I decided to save it as a draft and come back to it in the future. 

Well, the future is now.  Enjoy.

Me stepping onto the beach for the first time.  May 28, 2011.   


My friend and I were walking along Huntington Beach in California.  It was my first time visiting a beach on the mainland and I was a little shocked.  The sun was shining brightly in the summer-sky...

...but brrrrr, I still felt cold. 

The wind tickled my skin with its cold fingers as it penetrated through my jacket.  Although my jacket sufficed at keeping me warm back in Hawaii, it wasn't protecting me against the coldness that I was feeling.   As strange as it sounds, a part of me wished that I had worn pants instead of board shorts to the beach.

"I gotta use the bathroom," I told my friend.

"Okay, I'll wait here," my friend replied.

The bathroom was similar to a portable toilet except that it wasn't portable.  I entered the bathroom and I didn't like what I saw.  The toilet was a monster, a hideous monster covered in distasteful smudges and poisonous stains.  I was ready to run away.  Luckily, all I had to do was piss and I wouldn't have to touch the toilet seat.

After I finished relieving myself, I looked down at the sad-looking toilet.  I could have decided to leave the toilet as dirty as it was and just walk away.  After all, that is what the person before me had done.

But I didn't.

I grabbed a handful of toilet paper and started to wipe away the filth that covered the toilet.  I honestly hoped that I was using enough toilet paper, because I didn't want my hand to touch the dirty toilet seat.  After wiping, wiping, and more wiping the toilet was impressively clean and I had graduated from the position of instantaneous janitor.

Wow, that looks much better, I thought.

The toilet was no longer a hideous, ugly monster, but the safe haven for nature-calling that it was meant to be.

I opened the door and there was a handsome man waiting to use the bathroom.  He was an attractive, fit white gentleman somewhere in his mid or late 30's.  I smiled at him and he smiled at me.  The man walked past me and into the bathroom that I had exited.

I walked over to my friend.

"Ready to go?" he asked me.

I replied with a yes. 

Side by side, we continued to walk along Huntington Beach. 


This simple story has a simple point:  The little things do matter. 

More pics taken that day.  It was freezing as I walked the boardwalk.

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Anonymous said...

besides the point you were trying to make aren't you glad you cleaned it for the next one to use. i mean how embarrassing would that be especially with that cute guy needing to use to comode after you.

aaaah! :)

happy monday!

Andrew said...

That wasn't where I thought the post was going, but you did a good thing.

two horns child said...

I was ready for a steamy story !!! Hhahah........

the island guy said...

@ Green
Yes I was super glad that I had decided to clean the toilet! I definately would have felt bad if I hadn't.

@ Andrew
The title probably threw you off. I thought about changing it but one of the reasons why I remember this event is because of the handsome man.

@ two horns child
LOL. My blog isn't about steamy stories. Sadly, it'd probably be more popular if it was. I'm trying a different approach with my gay blog. I really wanna show the world that sex isn't the focus/center of my life. My approach won't make my blog popular, but it does make it meaningful to me.

FOGGY said...

Many "moons" ago [1981 to 1984 to be exact]; and coming from San Diego, I used to fly along that long line of thousand-foot wide sandy beach about 400 feet off shore and 600 feet high. Then I would make a right turn [right about where you were], and head over the town of Huntington Beach to land at a little airport there known as Meadowlark Field.

I'd go into the little restaurant on the airport and have a juicy tasty cheeseburger and fries; and sometimes my buddies out of Corona would fly in and grab a bite as well. Then we would all take off; one after the other, and fly in formation to the airport in Corona; and since I was the slowest airplane in the bunch [72 MPH in level cruise], they'd all form up on me.

Those airplanes off my wing, and up close was a sight to behold. Good times with good friends [to me] is the essence of life, and your photos [especially the last two] brought back memories of those sweet times. SOCAL beaches, whether from the ground or the air are truly unbelievable.

Thanks for the memories, Justy :)

............. "FOGGY" <3

the island guy said...

Thanks for sharing that. After reading your comment, I appreciate those pics more. Hearing older people speak about fond memories of when they were younger has the effect of making me appreciate all the precious moments of life.

iama{GAY}tkeeper said...

interesting :)

the island guy said...

@ iama{GAY}tkeeper
I'll take that lol. It's better to be interested than not!

Seth said...

im here in the philippines and it does look kind of weird to wear a hoodie to the beach when im expecting the weather to be warm during the day LOL

so you are a little bit OC? LOL glad you were able to make that impression somehow with the stranger by cleaning up impulsively hehehe