Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our First Date

 This is about my first date with a guy that I really like.

The handsome gentleman offers to pick me up
And I gracefully accept
Nervousness shivers down my spine
And excitement pulses through my body

We drive to the beach
My dad's favorite beach
He is new to the island
And will surely enjoy the scenery

On a wall next to the sand and the sea
We sit side-by-side
The familiar surroundings put me at ease
As we talk for an hour or so

He has a great personality
And is easy to talk to
There is something special about him
And I feel lucky to be by his side

As the sun starts to set
And the sky begins to change colors
He offers me his hand
And our fingers entwine

Leaning into each other
Our lips connect
This is our first kiss
And certainly not the last

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