Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Sketch of Another Tree

I'm feeling the sleepiness setting in but I want to post this before going to bed. 
As a result, I am here on my laptop and drinking hot cocoa again (just like this). 

I feel the same way as the yellow M&M.
But before I go to bed, here is the story of what happened...


I was surprised earlier when my mom told me that she's leaving in a few hours to fly to the Philippines.  She said she'll be there for thirty days.  I was a little taken back; I knew that she likes to go on vacations, but I had no clue that she would be leaving for one so soon.  I'm pretty sure she hasn't told anyone else in the family.

After she told me this, I helped her tape up the cardboard box that she'll be taking with her on her trip.  After we were done taping it up, she said she was going to go to bed and she left the living room.

I stared at the box. 

I was thinking about how I hope my mom has a safe trip and also about how plain the box looked.  I took a marker from my art supply box and began to make a sketch on her box.  I remembered how special the drawing from The Sketch of a Tree was to me so I drew a tree again.  It took me about three minutes to complete and I felt better afterwards.

Now my mom's box didn't look so plain. 

My younger brother walked into the living room a couple minutes later and saw the box.  He must have realized that mom was going on another one of her spontaneous vacations.  Then he saw the sketch.

"Did you draw that?"

I told him yes.

"I like it.  It's really nice."

I couldn't help but smile.  Not only was I ecstatic to suddenly not feel annoyed by him - as I had been for the whole day - but I had also been thinking the same thing. 

My mom's going to love seeing that sketch on her box.

The sketch I made on my mom's cardboard box.

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Nick said...

ur talented, looks really gr8 :)

^travis said...

I'm curious why the first thing you thought of sketching was another tree?

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful gift to send along with your mum....very special, its like a piece of you will be by her side.


Pat said...

I agree with David. It's like you're mom with take a piece of you with her on the trip. I really like the sketch.

the island guy said...

Hello everyone! I just woke up and I feet great and I'm ready to reply to all your comments haha

@ Nick
Thanks Nick. These tree sketches are fun to do.

@ ^travis
Wanna know one of the reasons why I draw trees? It's because they're easy to draw haha. Well, in my opinion anyways. I love the free developing shape of trees in real life. The way they branch out gives me creative space when I'm imagining one. I feel like I can just go crazy when I draw the branches and I don't have to worry so much about them looking a certain way.
You're a curious guy travis :)

@ David Allen Waters
Hey David. Welcome back to my blog haha. You're right, that's one of the reasons why I drew it. It's a little way of showing my mom that I care for her and that I want her to return safe and sound.

@ Pat
Hi Pat. Thanks for coming back and commenting. I read your blog all the time, but for some reason those comment forms don't let me commment people blogs. After I submit the comment, it brings me to a login page and doesn't submit my comment, even after I log in. Maybe it's my internet settings haha.

DeepBlue said...

Aaah! nothing better than hot chocolate before going to bed... with a little bit of wipped cream. :)

Some people can surprise us with the way they take decisions but there's always a way to show them we love them even if we don't understand them. The most simple things are the most beautiful. That drawing was very sweet of you!

lladybugg said...

I agree with Travis, in that I am curious why a tree was your first instinct (both times)?

Regardless, it look slike something that might be becoming a sweet little tradition...like a reminder that you love them?


Sean said...

awww, that's sweet of you.

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

nice drawing :)

the island guy said...

@ DeepBlue
Yum, whipped cream with my hot chocolate sounds good. Gotta try that :)

@ lladybug
Let me try to answer the question of why I chose to draw a tree. There's a lot of things that quickly run through my mind when I want to sketch something.

When I sketch something, I don't want to do anything complicated (like my "What Makes A Man" drawing) so my mind goes to something simple. I wanted to do something simple and fast... and something that could easily be drawn on a cardboard box using just a single marker.

There's usually three things that always pop into my mind when I want to sketch something: smiley faces, sunsets, and trees.

At first I thought about just drawing a smiley face, but then I thought that was too simple.

Then I thought about drawing a tree, just like how I did on my younger brother's white board. Maybe it's just a coincidence that I happened to draw a tree again this time. I could've decided to draw a sunset instead because that's another thing I like to draw.

Maybe there's something else that I'm not thinking of, some underlying reason why I like to draw trees. I just know that I have fun drawing trees and they're fun to get creative with. I especially love drawing the branches and the leaves of the trees.

That's a tough question to answer haha

@ Sean
Sweeter than chococlates :)

@ imarei
Thanks. How do you spell your username so that it's upside-down? I'm clueless haha

Craig said...

That's really lovely! What a great gift for your Mom to take with her.
Talented boy.

thegayte-keeper said...

Did you take a picture of her reaction to seeing what you did to the box?

Mitch Block said...

How beautiful and how touching...

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

she would love it for sure... you are a gift to your mom... a very thoughtful child.



the island guy said...

@ Craig
I'm missing my mom already and I still have more than three weeks until I see her again haha.
The house is too quiet without her and to tell the truth, she's my bestfriend.

@ thegayte-keeper
No I didn't, but I'm sure she likes it.

@ Mitch Block
Thanks for taking the time to read my post Mitch. This is one of my favorite posts

@ Jj Roa Rodriguez
You too Jj :)

Adam said...

yr tree looks so dry..i need to water it *eg*

*^_^* said...

Wonderful! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

hello Mr theIslandGuy, I'm from the Philippines and I'm curios if you're also a Filipino or how Philippines is related from you? I'd read your post and it's really inspiring and sad I'm your latest post about your sickness. God bless...

Anonymous said...

*I'm sad with * correction to my comment :)

Jeff Chandler said...

A beautiful gift! Straight from the heart.