Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

So here I am. 

I've blogged a handful of times before and now I'm looking to settle down.  This website looks awesome!

My goal:  To become more comfortable with who I am.
There are a couple things that I feel insecure about, one of them being my sexuality. Admitting to myself that I'm gay has been a struggle I must admit.

Taking in the sunshine on a deserted beach

I'm usually the keep-to-himself guy but lately the idea of becoming more comfortable with who I am and opening myself to others has grown on me.

So here I am.  Cheers : )


Mugen said...

Welcome to this part of blogspace, sir. :)

the.island.guy said...

Awe thanks Mugen
My first comment :)

Biki said...


the.island.guy said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying this site so far

JJ said...

Welcome :D

Anonymous said...

You're a brave young fellow.

I just feel sorry for your dad. No, he is not a bad person: probably a terrific man. Here, you are faced with a person who can't accept the reality that his son is different.

But give him time. That's what he needs. That's what I gave my father for practically all of my waking life. My Dad is a complete bigot and I understand how his world crumbles every time he realizes that his favorite son is gay. It took him a 33 years to tell me that he loves me no matter who or what I am.

I should be rejoicing right? No, I'm not. Because at that time, what he thinks of me no longer mattered. I just wish he told those things when I needed them. I still respect him; but I cannot make myself close to him. He is trying to "make up for the lost time" but I am not interested anymore. The damage has been done. I forgive, but I don't forget.

I am truly happy that despite your Dad's occasional "outburst", you still genuinely care for him. How I wish I have that kind of heart.

But I don't have any regrets. I cannot feign affection for my father in the same manner that I cannot fake attraction for girls. Some hearts take longer periods to recuperate and I belong to this group.

May you find your strength when you need it.