Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Lighthearted Poem

I decided to work part time as a math tutor at the University of Hawaii Manoa during the spring semester of 2011.  Not only did helping others with math feel rewarding, I knew that it would prove useful in the future as a civil engineer major.  This is a poem of what happened during work one day...

He walked into the tutor room gracefully
Almost as if he glided
I never heard his footsteps
Nor did I feel the vibration of the ground

No one took notice
No one looked up as he made his way to his seat
No one except me

I nervously walked over and asked if he needed help
He looked up at me with kind eyes and said yes
I planted myself into a seat next to him
With an eagerness that shouted my joy

Sharing my knowledge with him was delightful
I was the accomplished wizard
And he the bright apprentice
His natural charm was irresistible
And I was captivated by his spell

Every now and then
I would allow myself to gaze at him
His handsome smile was enough to light up the room
His voice was enough to keep someone warm on a cold night
His caring eyes were enough to make anyone feel special

As our time together came to an end
My hand softly touched his hand
And his hand embraced mines
Our last and final embrace
Before we parted ways


Prop said...

hmmm... know your limits, sir.. =D

Luke Plus said...

Lovely poem !! Hehe sometimes things do happen just like in fairytales don't they !!

Luke Plus

Kiersten said...

I love the poem! It came out beautifully, and I also love that it was based on something that happened to you.
Great blog - I really like it!
<3 Kiersten
PS. I hope this comment helps to feed to monster. haha

the.island.guy said...

@ Prop
LOL. I might have made the story in the poem just a bit more romantic than how it played out in real life. Just wait for the next post. I'm going to tell the actual story behind the poem.

@ Luke Plus
Yeah, it was the best thing that happened to me that day.

@ Kiersten
Oh yes, my monster blog is feeling a little full now from your comment haha.
And congrats! I believe you are my first female follower : )

Adrian Paul said...

Wow so eloquent with your words! I like it! Great poem. Like a potential lover in a way but then it's also like a lost love because of him leaving you will never know the possibilities with him. Quite romantic.

Craig said...

I love it. Looking forward to hearing what happened next!

Reis's said...

hi there, you're an amazing writer yourself.. :)
and to imagine that someone from hawaii could actually pass-by my blog, it's already enough to give this warmth to my heart. :) Thanks.

Jj Rodriguez said...

ur a sweet guy...

nice story...


FOGGY said...

This could be the start of something big. Personally, I think this happened exactly as you described. It's just that your heart and soul was also part of the description. I anxiously await your "objective" description in your next post.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am definitely not the "poet". It's one of the hardest things for me to do. It literally took me all night to compose this comment in poem form on Davie's post "See You Later" at
Check him out. Not only is he an excellent poet, but also a young activist for the abolition of bullying and gay bashing in the middle and high school systems of Northern Ireland.

Another one of the hardest things things for me to do is - - - FRACTIONS. Yes; the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of those pesky fractions there, Mr. Math Tutor.........
What is a "walk in the park" for most Fourth Graders is mental torture for me. Adding 3/4 & 1/2 is easy, because I can "see" it. It's one and a quarter. Right???? [I think]...... but add three fifths and seven eights, and I'm ..... Oh well :P Thank God for decimals, percentages and the Metric System.

"BZ"......... "FOGGY"............

P.S. - I started following your blog. Hope you don't mind.

the.island.guy said...

@ Adrian Paul
"Eloquent" is one of my favorite words hehe

@ Craig
Awe thanks. I hope you enjoy my next post!

@ Reis's
"it's already enough to give this warmth to my heart"
very cute!

@ Jj Rodriguez
possibly sweeter than chocolates : )

Your comment is unbelievably long long long! New guiness world record? LOL. It's kinda making me nervous - but mostly happy - that people are waiting for me to post again. I'll definately check out your friends blog. Oh, and you forgot to thank God for calculators : )

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem! A math whiz, and a poet, too...a great catch for some lucky guy one of these days!

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Incredible poem! And your blog looks great too! Thanks for following my blog and I will be sure to follow yours as well.

Logan said...

Amazing ;)

^travis said...

just dropped by and followed. I cannot wait for the next post!