Friday, July 8, 2011

What Makes A Man

The drawing below was made by a guy I know very well.  When we were eleven years old, he confessed to me that he was gay.  He trusted me - the only person he trusted at the time - and trusted that I wouldn't tell anyone unless he was ready to come out of the closet.  As we entered college, he would tell me that he was still insecure with himself.

My friend believes that he's not the best at expressing himself - I agree - so he found an outlet for his insecurities: art.  He drew this picture and I was surprised by his drawing ability.  They say that when a person creates a piece of art, it is a self-portrait of themselves.  In this case it is true.  I see him when I look at this picture.

I made up a story to go with his drawing and I hope you enjoy it.

"What Makes A Man"
Colored pencils on paper

The city was alive. 
People were crossing sidewalks, driving fancy cars, and wearing expensive business suits as they rushed to work and other places. 

A teenage guy sat there on the sidewalk, not in a rush like everyone else.  He wanted everything to stay still for a moment as he thought silently to himself.  What does it take to become a man?  Who does he want to be and what path did he want to take in life?

The young fella was practically invisible to the crowd around him, but he was used to it.  He knew the roles he played:  the lone wolf that nobody understood, the underdog that people overlooked, the middle child that never gets the attention.  Maybe all of this was true, but he didn't want these things to stop him from choosing who he wanted to become.  After all, isn't life supposed to be about choices?

Outwardly, he kept himself poised.  A warrior ready to take on the world.  The idea of exposing his weaknesses to the world was not his idea of fun, so he kept them hidden.  If you looked into his eyes, however, you would see a gentle sadness hidden there.  Even his sister has told him, "When you smile, I still see sadness in your eyes." 

The boy's sad eyes were caused by a constant inner struggle to become comfortable with his sexuality.  For this reason, he didn't mind being invisible to people at that moment.  At least they were oblivious to his insecurity of being a homosexual.

Slowly and surely, the boy finally stood up.  He still wasn't sure where he was going, but he realized that staying still was no way to get anywhere.  He took a step into the crowd and disappeared.

Now that you have read the story
you might have a few questions

You might be wondering,
"What ever happened to the guy in the story?"
I'll tell you if you just ask
but first keep reading.

Maybe you're wondering,
"Is this a true story?"
I'll gladly answer if you just ask
but first keep reading

Now you must be wondering,
"What is the purpose of this silly epilogue?"
I'll gladly give you the reason
but first keep reading

because I have to tell you something.

The guy who drew that picture has a blog and

 his blog...


It's right here.

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Ryan said...

I really admire your posts. You inspire me.:) honestly.

Anonymous said...

the drawing, amazing...the words, beautiful...your heart shines bright in every post...a beautiful blog.

Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

Great post... I scrolled slowly at the bottom so I could experience your intent...

Mind Of Mine said...

Hey, thanks for following my blog. I just dropped by to say that but found myself reading through your old posts. You are very talented!

^travis said...

awesome piece. very poignant. it tugs at my heartstrings.

Anonymous said...

This is truly a wonderful piece of work. Your talent is amazing.


Peace <3

Luke Plus said...

I really love your stories and poems !! But i was like expecting you were gonna refer to yourself hehe

Mugen said...

Visual and literary delight. I'm impressed. :)

the island guy said...

wow I just woke up from my lazy-hippo-during-summer sleep and there's all these comments that popped out of nowhere haha

@ Ryan
Awe thanks. I love the compliment :) honestly :)

@ David Allen Waters
beautiful comment

@ Thomas (Tom) Rimington
haha, i did space out the lines a lot near the bottom. i was hoping that it would build up suspense

@ Mind of Mine
addicted? lol

@ ^travis
"very poignant"
"it tugs at my heartstrings"
wow, i gotta remember those

@ Jay M.
this is one of my favorite posts so far

@ Luke Plus
clever guy. I couldn't fool you :)

@ Mugen
"visual delight"
i love that

FOGGY said...

A man of numbers
A man of letters
And now, a man who pens a perfect picture on paper.

Is there anything you do not excel at?

.......... "FOGGY"........
P.S. : I'm trying to keep it short, believe me :)

Phunk Factor said...

awww...this is such a cute post!

Thanks fr making me smile, man!

Roger Poladopoulos said...

Outstanding retrospective and terrific art! Great job!

Roxas_Palawan_Philippines said...

Great job!..


the island guy said...

Haha, trust me when I say there's a great deal of things I don't excel at such as politics, chemistry, cooking... the list goes on and on.
Long or short, I enjoy your comments :)

@ Phunk Factor
Glad it made you smile

@ Roger Poladopoulos
thank you

@ Roxas_Palawan_Philippines

Daemon Ἴκαρος~ Δαμων said...


Double threat in two mediums, words and art.

I like to tone and space. Keep it up on both counts.

Look forward to spending some more time here and reading more of your stuff.



Anonymous said...

The drawing is amazing! Love your stories as well :)

Anonymous said...


Nate said...

oh wow.. the drawing.. it's just amazing.. the body language, the eyes, pretty much captures what you want to express..

though, i think, the story behind the drawing, is more amazing.. it moved me, almost, to tears..

you have a gift.. no, you have gifts.. in arts & letters.. thank you for sharing..

David Andrew Delacruz said...

I ♥ the pic in your post. <3